Anyone going? I'm headed there tomorrow.

I watch hours of this dumb show at night

been watching it myself

I’ve been I just go for a car show and dream

i like watching I just fast forward through the cars I’m not interested in

Love to watch.. I can't count the nights my buddies and I would be planning on going out and would end up watching for hours, drinking too much, and arguing over what a car would go for.

We were really cool, honestly.

Anyone ever made a purchase? I'm considering it. Nothing going across stage but maybe in the tents outside. $20k max that I could drive daily

I was surprised at how many went through at non peak times they sold affordabley 

i have never bought but I like to look

having built a couple of cars it’s way better to buy built unless you are a one man show that can do it all 

Was there last night. Always a blast

I knew a guy that had an amazing car collection and would buy a bunch of cars from there. Sadly he passed away

Just got back from the auction.  Was incredibly cool.  My favorite was probably a 54 power wagon crew cab.  Trucks seemed to be very heavily represented.  

Can't stop staring at the sold sign sticker girls ass.  Thick! 


Live in Phoenix 

never been

each item sold is a hunk of metal on four wheels 

all the same