Barrie bjj?

Im looking at trying out bjj around the barrie area.
I have zero martial arts training!
Just looking to have fun, getting in shape and getting to know some new people.
Can anybody recommend any places
I have googled but i am looking for some real feedback thanks! Phone Post 3.0

Bump! Phone Post 3.0

Anybody? Phone Post 3.0

Im not from barrie but i know there is empire mma & they got a bjj program. And if i am not mistaken robert drysdale has an affiliate gym up there. Phone Post 3.0

Musashi Martial Arts! Phone Post 3.0

vitor3000 - Musashi Martial Arts! Phone Post 3.0
I was just looking at there site online but it says they only offer bjj on tues and thur for only 1 hour on those days!
Do you think it Is that enough time?
Seems kinda short for time and only 2 days a week! Phone Post 3.0

Op. how far from Barrie do u live? I'm an hour north of there. Bracebridge There Is a Gracie affiliate in Barrie but it is expensive. Phone Post 3.0

20 min south of barrie Phone Post 3.0

Also what would you conceder expensive?
Is 2 days a week training for
$100 a month expensive? Phone Post 3.0

nobleplumbing - 20 min south of barrie Phone Post 3.0
Carlos newton has a gym in Vaughn. I believe it called warrior or something like that

I'm a 10pJJ guy myself Phone Post 3.0

Gracie Humaita Barrie has classes 6 days a week and it is roughly $150/ month.

Go to Musashi.

Tues/Thursday regular classes. Busy open mat on Friday. Gi/nogi Saturday.

Great group of guys there. Sean (instructor) is a great guy who is on the mats all the time with you. He also hosts plenty of seminars. Phone Post 3.0

Empire MMA is the place to go. The instructor Spencer Lalonde is a legit black belt and a super nice guy.. Phone Post 3.0

We roll at Musashi 5 x's a week. Come by and check us out. Fees are very reasonable. Our beginner's start up pkg (2x's/week - $60/month) provides the opportunity to test the waters and see if BJJ is for you before you jump in with two feet and I am pretty sure we are the only place in town that doesn't tie you down to a contract.

Warrior is in newmarket Phone Post 3.0

Musashi Martial Arts is awesome!

They also bring in several top guys a year for seminars.

Robert Drysdale affiliate.

Great vibe.