Barry Horowitz hall of fame?

I think he deserves it. Just curious what you guys thought. I don't know if WWE will ever acknowledge a jobber though. I guess Koko B Ware was the closest though. Phone Post 3.0

I agree.

Horowitz is more deserving than Vince Sr's limo driver.

The whole Hall of Fame is pretty silly anyways.

That is not a knock on Horowitz, as he was one of the greatest jobbers ever.

It just seems that with their stupid celebrity inductees; Pretty much anyone that has ever been involved with the organization could be inducted.

Dudes like Pete Rose, Drew Carey, and Donald Trump being inducted really degrade the whole thing; Even if you try to justify it by slapping the "celebrity inductee" label on it, it still makes it that much more ridiculous. Phone Post 3.0

I think if you manage to stay in the circus for that many years you must have been doing something right even if you weren't the main act but "enhancement" talent. Phone Post 3.0

Someone post this Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_omzzy -

Someone post this Phone Post 3.0
No don't unless you like rap. Phone Post 3.0

Barry was the man. As a kid I remember hating him, which is impressive given that he never beat anyone really. I do recall him going over Lanny Poffo on wwf television, which blew my mind considering up until then I had seen him wrestle every week on tv for years and not winning once.

I loved when he'd pat himself on the back. Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_omzzy -

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WTF was that shit?!?!? Thought I'd see the guy in action, not some awful white rapper Phone Post 3.0