Bars Playing UFC in Miami

Last time I got screwed 'cause the bar I thought was playing it changed their mind at the last minute. Does anyone know any FOR SURE spots?

Better yet, who'll let me come watch it at their house for free . . . and maybe make me a sandwich while I'm there???

Tootsie's in Miami Gardens has it.They've got quality and quanity of strippers there too. $10.00 cover for guys.

When UFC/MMA is played in bars & strip means it has "Jumped the shark" & the end is near! Just like golf then cigars & poker. When joe schmo is talking about MMA like they know how to fight...the end is near!


Mimi: ufc has been played in bars and strip clubs for years :)

Mimi you're a fool. NEEEEXT !

I'm trying to avoid a strip club, if possible. Not trying to sound like a raging homo, but the dancers always get on my nerves while the fights are on. Then, after the fights are done, I've pissed them all off so bad that no one wants to dance for me.

Charles, that settles it. I'll be over to your place Saturday night. Good lookin' out.

mark: i would have you but im in atlanta getting knee surgery :(

Looks like it's back to my request about the sports bars.