Bart Vale

Whatever happend to him? Anyone know how to get ahold of him address or email?

I was wondering that myself because I just watched the WCC and thought he could do good.

go to the catch wrestling forum here on and ask Jake. Bart Vale was actually at the Fujiwara and Cardinal seminar that was in CA (CA I think) not that long ago...

Actually, on the DVD of the seminar, Vale comes across as a nice guy, go figure :)

Vale a nice guy?


I was in that school in the late 90s and met him quite a few times here in SWFL and one thing what would never cross my mind about Vale is "nice".

I would have liked to have seen him fight Renzo in the WCC? Thanks lkfmdc.

Bart Vale - Ft. Lauderdale FL (954)746-0202

Thanks killerB.

I don't know how nice he is, but you have got to respect a world class mullet like that.

I was able to get ahold of him.Thanks guys.