Bas Boon:"Sakuraba tells Overeem his secret..."

 Bas Boon:"Sakuraba tells Overeem his secret training..." 

 Gotta love Sakuraba, still one of his funniest moments was the seminar at Chute Boxe with all those serious bad asses and pulls out the tug job prank.

explain tub job prank?

jittaz - explain tub job prank?

Um best explanation i can give is make sure your eye lids arent glued shut and click play.



saku is awesome, thank go he seems coherent after all those beatings

I love Sak, but no one should have to commit suicide to finish a career. He has nothing to gain anymore. Why don't the Jap fans feel this way?

he should retire when he wants, he's still entertaining, how can we tell a man when he should hang it up? this is how he makes a living...

I like that shirt hes wearing.

Royce's old ass wants the brazil show...dana make this fight happen.


 Overeem is insanely enormous.

sakuraba is bascially real life mr. miyagi