Bas getting KTFO video

bas didnt look good

he said he hadnt ben training, just drinking, acdepted the fight while drunk- shouldnt have....

This one loss totally overrides every accomplishment he ever had in the rest of his career!!!

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He didn't train for this fight, except for like a week. Obviously gassed out right away. Slipped while getting hit, too tired to get up...but yes he got smoked in this fight.


lobman sure was a surly prick towards his firends after the win

"lobman sure was a surly prick towards his firends after the win"

It's wierd how he was pushing everybody away. But I like how he went to check up on Rutten.

Bas did good going after the leg and landing the jump-knee. Punches looked a little stiff though and he opened up quite a bit... the round seemed very long and Bas did look gassed in the end. No shame in that loss IMO

Guess I'm alone here in thinking he didn't do THAT badly. His only enemy seemed to be cardio. He seemed to hang in there and tag Lobman a few times before just gassing and blowing it.

Still stands that Bas' worst is some people's best IMO.

Bas looked good,if I fought MT I'd definitely have that music going all the time while training. Otherwise it would be very distracting in the ring IMO.

It should have his BAM WHHAP POW! commentary from the bar fights video of his.

My Father is fairly correct.

Mo Smith ran over Lobman like a freight train. I can't remember if it was Lobman or another guy that just verbally gave up. But I do remember him beating Lobman pretty easy.

Lobman was up there with Decker and Kaman in the list of great kick and Thai boxers.

Bas said that he agreed to the fight when he was drunk, didn't remember till the promoter called him a few weeks before the fight and then he started training. This was also his first fight since a 4 year layoff.

Lobman wasn't a Dekkers or Kaman, but he was pretty friggin' good and definitely one of the all time greats from that era. And for a long time. I think he only retired a few years ago.

I know I put the two sentences together about Lobman being a great kickboxer and also that he beat Shamrock in a kickboxing (rules fight in pancrase) but I didn't mean to imply Ken Shamrock was a great kickboxer, I just threw that part in as a little bit of trivia since alot of people didn't know about early pancrase events having kickboxing bouts.

Mo Smith did beat Lobman, but in Pancrase Bas Rutten was working Smith over. Rutten was one of the few people who says (and I believe him) never worked a pancrase bout. Most the works were done by the veterans of Japanese Shootfighting like Funaki, Suzuki, and Shamrock.

Sorry but Lobman should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as Kaman or Dekkers. Peter Aerts beat him 3x i think. First time as a skinny 19 year old. Lobman never really beat anyone good

Good Bas Interview...;jsessionid=720E75720DB836E556114D51DBB98E1A.hydra?id=460148&pageNo=0#bottom

"now I gotta? get his hands down, so how do I do it? I give him a liver kick, "BOOOOM!" his hands drop, and I come right straight again. While he was going down I kneed him in the head."

"But I have to say, the last one or two years I don?t go out anymore afterwards. The last time I went out after the show I got hit by a taxi. I flew through the air and did a couple of somersaults. And I wasn?t even drunk!

I'd been in the bar with Don Frye and everybody was trying to get me to stay, buying be shots and beers. After my third shot of tequila and my third beer, I know where I?m going to go? I'm going to drink three bottles of tequila and 25 beers! So instead I left. I walked out and then the cab came and BANG! I flew through the air!

They thought I was dead. They said, "Stand back! Stand back!" I sit up and say, "No internal damage!" and everyone started laughing! I got only this big piece of meat out of my hip from the road, that was it. But it was a close call."

Bas is crazy lol. It says on that interview, frank Lobman had 59 fights, 52 KO's

ttt for bas