Bas' "Lethal Streetfight" DVD?

Anyone ever see Bas' 'Streetfighting' DVD/Video? Any good?

I just got it....Il let u know in a few hours

Cool. Thanks

dude im watching it right now!! its fuckin hillarious

"Hit the liver"


It's cool... I wouldn't call it "the definitave guide to kickin' ass." But I am glad I bought it... there is some good stuff on there... more entertainment than instruction...

I received the DVD last week. I have since started two street fights and won both. I can't wait until this weekend to go start some more...


I was only kidding. I don't even have the DVD.

Great DVD, both funny to watch and educational.

I have to agree. It was a hilarious DVD. It's what the marketers like to call EDUTAINMENT :)

Go Bas!


So true!!! People it was a joke!

Double LOL at someone thinking "The Pacifist" was going out starting fights... :)

Here's my review from this thread:


Review of Bas's Lethal Street Fighting.

If you love Bas and just want to see him on screen, then this is for you. If you want a good self defense instructional, then look elsewhere.

There are at least 2 very unusual things about this DVD. Firstly, most of it is set in a bar, with Bas demonstrating techniques in a small area between the barstools and the table seating.

Secondly, after Bas demos a technique, the standard slo-mo replay kicks in. Disconcertingly, this is just the previously seen footage in slo-mo, with no voice over, not even Panther-style muzak. Just the hiss of the speakers. You see Bas mouthing stuff silently in slo-mo as he does the technique. How hard would it be to do a second take with Bas doing a voiceover and pointing out extra details?

As an instructional, this is pretty poor. Basically, much of it is Bas demonstrating things he would do in certain situations. Remember the Bruce Lee 'Self Defense Techniques' book, or the Nakayama/Donn Draeger 'Defense against multiple assailants' book? I think these are useless because the techniques and combinations demonstrated are so specific to the situation (if someone grabs me exactly like this with his left hand and his buddy is at my 3 o'clock with a fire hydrant behind him, then I do this ...). Well, Bas's DVD has that flavour to a lot of it.

Bas claims over 70 techniques shown. You may wonder how well you can teach 70 techniques on a 90 min DVD. Well, don't expect Mike Jen-style comprehensive instruction here. Bas does the move, the exact same footage is shown without sound in slo-mo and Bas moves on.

Only when Bas moves into the ring to demo some throws and ground work does he give glimpses of how good an instructor he might be (I don't have the Extreme Pancrase set so I can't comment). The best step-by-step instructions are when he demonstrates a gun disarm that he stresses was taught to him by Krav Maga guys.

He sure is a mean dude though! In one scenario Bas sits on a bar stool and a guy somes over and says 'hey buddy, that's my seat'. Bas gets up hits him a few times and knees him in the head. In another one, Bas walks over to a guy that, from a seated position, said something about Bas's wife, breaks the guy's foot and kicks his friend in the head. Don't get Bas angry. In fact, best give him a wide berth.

So, this one is for Bas fans only (of which I am one). I give it 5 out of 10. Maybe some MMA guy who wants to teach self defense would find this useful. I did get a couple of things out of it, but for $45 bucks it ain't worth it. Go for Tony Blauer or Hock Hochheim or someone for self defense. I got some stuff out of it to be sure, but $20 is a more realistic price.

"I don't have the Extreme Pancrase set so I can't comment"

By the way I subsequently got the Extreme Pancrase set and I like it a lot.