Bas Rutten at my Academy in Dec.

Bas, just called me on my cell tonight. i thought it was a joke but it wasn't. He's going to be near my hometown in Decatur Illinoisand asked if i would be interested in him doing a seminar in December. How many would attend. I'm 30 miles south of springfield illinois. email me at if interested. jason reinhardt (Space is limited)

i'm going to try and keep it to 30 people. i already have 14 that i know will attend. i would prefer pre-paid in a check format made out to Bas Rutten. of course if something would happen and the seminar did not take place i would mail your check back to you. i'm not sure how much it's going to be yet. I'm not making a dime on it, i just want it to be affordable for guys who want to come. jason reinhardt


Hey Jason,

I'd deffinetly come and bring half a dozen or so guys with me.


Any help keeping this thread ttt much appreciated!

Date and time. If  I am off, I am there (of course, unless he comes to mfs too)

Any word on this Jason?

TTT for Central Illinois Fighters and big names like Bas coming there.  That kind of thing is a big deal for Central IL.  All support is worthy and appreciated.

I may be in Florida but I'll always be an Illinois boy at heart.

Best wishes Jason!