Bas Rutten Blackbelt Mag Interview

Was just reading Bas's interview in the new Black Belt Mag (I was only perusing it because Bas was on the cover, I almost didnt even read it because right below Bas's pic is a caption that says "Are you a Deadly Weapon? Lawyers Weigh In") Their is an interview with him in there. One of the things he says that really caught my eye was that he believes the Jab is useless in MMA, that a good wrestler will absorb the jab in order to take you down. This makes sense to me. Another thing he said was that he prefers a very squared up stance so you can get more power from your kicks. I tried this at pracitce last night, squared stance no jabs just hard straights with my left, and it was very very akward. Anyone out there train/fight like this?

In the past he's also said he prefers the squared stance for defense to leg kick, and for sprawling.

Great questions! I saw that article also, anymore people care to weigh in?

There are pluses & minuses to a squared stance. The plus is you can defend a low kick, sprawl and hit harder (Tyson often fought with a very squared stance) the bad side is you are often off balance against someone with good angles, footwork and a jab.

Also, Bas uses the jab, I think he's referring to a "set up" jab, the type used to blind someone or put them off balance. He prefers to use it as a power punch (a left straight if you will). People who do not use a jab, will often be taken down more easily because the other punches are easier to see coming. (Jab is closes to the opponent and will usually land more often)

Before I was taking classes with Bas at BHHJJ I had done Muay Thai for a while. The first thing Bas said to me when I got into a fighting stance was to square up my legs more (like a wrestler). He said it was because my front leg was more easy to be kicked angled forward that way, plus it squares up your body more easily for takedown offense/defense.

I still naturally put my front leg out forward more from Muay Thai habit. The squared up Bas stance has never felt natural to me, but it makes perfect sense.

I agree. The Bas stance makes sense but it just feels really akward to me. IMO