It took me a week to get this one up, but here's an interview I did with Bas the night before last week's Cage Fury event in Atlantic City.


Good interview:

"I heard that you and Randy Couture were pretty hard on the demonstration dummies during your appearance on Discovery Channel's "Fight Science". Please fill us in on what happened during the filming of that show.

I can't say anything about that, but let's just say [that] we did some really cool shit. I broke a record, [and] Randy did something crazy, something they never saw before, cool stuff!"

I never heard about that before - when will it air?

I'm not even sure--I might have even gotten the name wrong. It may be called "MMA Science".

Paul, you're good for the sport. And might I add, kinda scary.

ttt i would love to see that

"Paul, you're good for the sport. And might I add, kinda scary."

Thanks, and sorry! :)

OK, it's not Discovery - it's on the National Geographic Channel:

..."this can only mean the Rutten is a racist."

Dude, it's Racialist. Duh.

Bas can't be racist - he's not white - he's Dutch.