"Bas Rutten will make you get off your couch"


Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:49 pm EDT

Bas Rutten will make you get off your couch

The Cartoon Network is trying to get its viewers to put down the bag of potato chips and get off the couch, and they've enlisted the help of an MMA legend, Bas Rutten. In this ad, he tells viewers to do push-ups. Now. No, right now. Are you doing push-ups? WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS AND NOT DOING PUSH-UPS WHEN BAS RUTTEN IS COMING TO YOUR HOUSE? 

Thanks to Next MMA Fighter



We need that over here with all the fat kids! Genius

Saw this a few times when the kids were watching some toons. Cool stuff.

better than nothing i guess

best thing to do is still turn off the tube and go outside though


I have been doing Bas'MMA workouts since 2002 so... GET OFF YOU COUCH YOU FAT PIECE OF CRAP!!!!

if Bas was in his prime now, he'd be one of the biggest draws in mma...

 love it.

If I had $$$ I would hire Bas to punish the neighborhood children.

if I had $$$ I would hire Bas to punish me


 i just did 10 pushups

haha, thats cool.