Bas Rutten

The man! Phone Post 3.0

One of the best ever.

It's a shame he got the injuries he has (knees, etc). I don't know exactly when those started bothering him, but it would have been great to see him in the UFC longer at the end of his career when he got the HW belt.

And he's one of the rare ones that have a great personality mixed with humor that works great for color commentary ... if Zuffa does sell Rogan has already stated he would leave too - I hope they get Bas on color if that happens.

Hate to see Rogan go though.

He stopped just before i started to follow mma.

What were the main reasons/injuries he had? Phone Post 3.0

Knees were bad, chilled (ok not chilled we partied hard) with him in the early 2000's, he is awesome, this was when still in pride commentating and wand was still killing it, always thought at the time if he stepped in to the ring again woukd be a fun fight and Bas agreed...this was before his knees got overkilled...agree would have been a fun fight, but both Bas and Wand are legends, super cool guys Phone Post 3.0

Looks so bad for the other guy.