Bas Rutten's TMA workout!

Bought myself Bas Rutten's MMA workout set recently. I found that training on my own was much less intense than training with a partner or in class.

Bas's set consists of 1 video and 4 audio tapes. The audio tapes are the heart of the set. Bas yells combinations and exercises at you in 2 or 3 minute rounds. So, for example, he shouts '1' and you do a jab, '2' and you do jab-right cross etc.

There are boxing, Muay Thai, MMA and general workout tapes.

I actually found it very useful for TMA competition sparring and general fitness training to replace Bas's boxing/MT/MMA combinations with my own point sparring techniques. So, '1' is now lead leg roundhouse and reverse punch and so on. I have a few sets of combinations I have written down so as I don't have to use the same ones all the time.

My workouts are now much much harder! Bas's set it expensive for what you get, but it's better than taking it easy when you train on your own.

Cool review. I was curious about those tapes, too.
Is it all about conditioning, or does he cover techniques and strategy?

Pretty much all he does is explain the basics of the combinations he uses. He does talk about stances, how to punch etc, but pretty much nothing about techniques and strategy.

I think the guy is great (mainly from listening to his Pride commentary) so I must get some of his actual instructional tapes (or the Big Books).