Bas stitches up his own leg

Because who wants to hang around the ER all night?

haha sweet potato christ

Now THAT is a cute little doggie!

staygreenponyboy - Now THAT is a cute little doggie!
His daughters are adorable as well. Phone Post 3.0

Legend Phone Post 3.0

that looks difficult

Damn! Phone Post 3.0

Blahaha my gawd will someone control LUNA, bad is a badass. Non-alcholic beer is nasty how could he drink that stuff Phone Post 3.0

My god. Bad is truly one of the baddest mother fuckers of ALL time Phone Post 3.0

Bas* Phone Post 3.0

Motha fuxking LEGEND! Phone Post 3.0

What a fuckin' madman stud muffin.  Holy balls, right out of the damn movies.

Gawd forbid he breaks a bone.  He'll be out in the shed building his own splint for after he sets his arm.

The music was the best!
gotta love Bas and the hoofing example he sets his kids. Man up, to every problem there is an answer. Stay calm and just FKN do it. Great skills sir. Phone Post 3.0

Like a boss! Phone Post 3.0

His daughter sounds funny as fuck haha

God damn Bas was looking thick, solid and tight in 08.

I wonder if Bas knows that super glue and some butterfly bandages probably would have sufficed just fine with that wound.

Bas once suggested I buy a pair of Croc slippers. I said ok if get around to it. He said no. We'll go right now.

5yrs later I'm still too scared to throw away those slippers.

TTT for "Bad" Rutten Phone Post 3.0

"If Rambo could do it, I've got this" hahaha Phone Post 3.0

Oh man that's awesome. Wish Bas was my dad :(