Bas/Voice better than Rogan/Goldie

.....just saying

The perfect commentary team for mma would be bas and tito. That would be entertaining as hell.

Bas and Quadros are my personal favs.

Bas providing the meat of the mma commentary and occasionally going off on an adhd episode, stabbing himself with a pretend heroin needle and tito going into the octagon and telling fighters how they feel right now and generally being incomprehensible. Tell me that wouldn't be more entertaining than joe rogan talking about legkicks over and over.


they are the best and i really enjoy their commentary

The trio bas, rogan, and the voice would be epic Phone Post

Bas and Don Frye.

I think they should have Bas sit in with Joe and Mike some Phone Post

i think the consensus is everyone loves bas.

i think the consensus is everyone loves bas.


no can defend

funk samurai
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no can defend

THIS Phone Post