Bas vs. Frank Shamrock - UFC rules

I just finished watching their three fights in Prancase, with Bas winning two and Frank winning one. I was just wondering how you guys think a fight would have gone between the two if they fought each other in the UFC in 1999 when Bas came over. Would Bas have been able to stop Frank with strikes like he did in their last Pancrase fight, or had Frank improved his ground game to the point where he would have submitted Bas?

Yes, Bas wins.


Frank wins.

Bas was so green on the ground when he fought Ken, I would have to believe it would have been a very competitive fight if they fought circa 1999. Bas actually developed into a very good submissions guy by then and it would have been no contest standing. I would probably give the edge to Bas.

Bas actually vacated the HW title after fighting Randleman to pursue Frank's then MW title..... nothing ever came of it though.

I was looking forward to it.....

Frank would beat Bas.
Bas would beat Ken.


Good question.

I think that back then, the advantage would have gone to Rutten, but it wouldn't have been by much.

Ken over Bas
Frank over Bas

Good match up - Frank wins

Bas by brutal beatdown on both Shamrocks