bas vs kimo thoughts?

bas is popular but except for pancrase has he ever done crap?

he beat tk in the last min and arguably lost to randleman while on his back almost the entire fight!

kimo's claim to fame is his loss to royce and his defeat of pro wrestler bam bam bigelow.


bas never had good takedown defense, kimo will wanna take him down.

we might not to see how well bas strikes now

Bas doesn't have the best TD defense, but Kimo doesn't really have the best takedowns, especially at this stage of his career.

I think Bas will KO him standing.

kimo is bjj bb under joe moreira now i think?

it goes to the ground kimo might smother him for a boring dec

kimo is bjj bb under joe moreira now i think?

it goes to the ground kimo might smother him for a boring dec

Bas wins this early by KO - it's set !

LOL, yeah Bas' takedown defense wasn't great 8 years ago. Do you guys really think he hasn't addressed that since then? If you think he hasn't then I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd be happy to sell you....

Just like Kimo learning BJJ, these guys haven't just been doing the same training they were in the 90's.

I reckon this will be a good warm up for Bas, as Kimo is a tough guy with ground skills. Bas by TKO, strikes round 2.



Bas wins by "cchhhheeeel to the balls".

Did Bas also fight Bam Bam? I saw a vid of Kimo and Bam Bam, Kimo beat him real bad...

Bas said he hadn't trained at all for 3 years before this fight. Too short a time for a middle-aged man (41) to get back into pro mma shape. If Kimo can avoid the KO by keek to dee leever early on, Bas could lose this one.

I think Kimo is garbage, hell shamrock and sapp beat him!

Fairly irrelevant fight that proves little. Kimo might or might not get the takedown early on, but it won't matter because he won't be able to do much to Bas from the top anyway. Eventually he'll gas and Bas will win by KO/TKO.

Has anyone here actually seen some of Kimo's most recent fights? Namey his fight last year on ROTR?

Granted the guy was like 350 pounds, but Marcus Royster had no MMA experience and had barely trained. He almost submitted and beat Kimo, until Kimo finally managed top position and then cheated by throwing headbutts.

A break was called and Royster agreed to continue, but was already gassed and finally the so called BJJ black belt finally tapped out a guy with no experience at all.

I used to like Kimo back in the day, but he hasn't had a good fight in 7-8 years. The guy doesn't know how to strike and has not stood with anyone since Paul Varleans.

An out of shape non training Bas would even own Kimo.

I love Bas and pick him to win, but it's not gonna be as easy as every one thinks.

Kimo's td's aren't great but Bas td defense sucks, and yes noob, it STILL sucks.

Also, Kimo isn't the only one in this fight with bad stamina, Bas has gassed in lots of his bouts.

I look for Bas to catch him, but he could definitely get dry humped for a Kimo win.


Kimo never was a joke. He is tough as nails, strong and has good instincts. I think he is a very good comeback fight for Bas.

It will be telling for sure.

It's hard to tell how important ring rust will be in this fight - I have a feeling Bas won't find this fight easy, and may even lose.

I find it hard to believe that it hasn't improved at all in the last 8 years lakergirl.

And LOL@noob:-)