Baseball Bat Bros

This is a pretty interesting channel seeing the differences between various types of bats. Watching them test these old bats that are banned because of the exit velocity they produced is pretty funny.

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I used the Z2K :slight_smile: One guy on the team got one and within a few weeks everyone had one lol

I brought it with me to the cages a few weeks ago and it registered as adding 14mph to my exit velocity according to hittrax lol. I’m sure a lot of that was that I’m so used to balance of it but it’s still ridiculous. There was 20 yr college players falling over themselves to try it.

But honestly the shock absorption is non existent compared to modern bats. Even cheap bats feel nice now.

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This is just stupid. lol. These guys all played at a high level but I can’t imagine what a larger power hitter would do with this bat.

90’s had a bit of an arms race with bats. Every year there was the new hot thing.

Still love my gold&red EA70 tho. Not as lively as some, but reliable like an AK.

I had an Easton Black Magic back in HS.

This was my bat in college. But I think mine was a -5 not -3.

Got my old TPX next to my bed still. This is a drop 4.

Used to be glossy black, my HS team named it Jobu, and pretty much half the lineup used it until it lost its pop.

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