Baseball game just started on FS2. No prelims?

So it's supposed to be the pre-fight show on Fs2 right now but a baseball game just started. The prelims are scheduled to come on at 8. Did the UFC get booted off FS2 for baseball? Phone Post 3.0

Wondering the same.

Fight pass is still on. I think the guide is wrong on the tv Phone Post 3.0

Wondered the same thing. Im getting pissed Phone Post 3.0

So UFC can't even get coverage on FS2? Phone Post 3.0

pennviachoke - Fox GO is only on apple mobile & only certain cable providers.. looks like I won't be watching the prelims Phone Post 3.0 love for Fios customers. Phone Post 3.0

Dodgers game is running long. As soon as it is over, they will switch Rays game back over to FS1 and put prefight coverage on FS2.

Baseball is on? Thanks for the heads up bro. I'm switching to it now Phone Post 3.0

dodgers game is over and still baseball on FS1 and FS2... killing a brother...

they just switched over to FS2... but it's UFC pre-fight, not prelims... guess they are only on the pass..

Someone should tell Dana, but he doesn't read the internet anymore.

televised prelims start at 8 est. prefight show will be cut short, no worries about them going over and cutting into prelims.

anyone know if our thunder buddy rogan is doing the call tonight?

The main card is supposed to start at nine eastern time according to but my time warner says it's 7 my time Phone Post 3.0

It's on BT Sport 1, if you have it? Phone Post 3.0