Baseball managers fight: Lil guy lands solid cross

Alaska Baseball League.

Much bigger, fat guy manager pushes littler manager. Little guy has none of it and two hand pushes back. Bigger, fat guy throws an all out haymaker and misses. Little manager steps into and lands an excellent right cross on the chin that appears to have solid technique. Big, fat dude's hat flies off his head as well as something out of his mouth or maybe it's a pen. Then, they're separated by a mob from both sides. Can skip to end to watch in slow mo.

It was nice to see two guys actually go at it for a change instead of waiting for their clubs to get between them. Also, little manager seems like he has pretty solid technique and isn't easily intimidated by fat guys who push him first.

Athletes or managers hitting their women = not cool

Managers going toe to toe on the field = entertaining

Big guy swung and missed so good for the smaller guy for tagging him. Too bad the teams broke it up, I wanted it to continue. Phone Post 3.0

Little guys are good at street fights, it's all the scrappyness.