Baseball prospects...

I just bought an ESPN keeper team. So who should I look for to put up big numbers next year, and the year after?

I am definately looking at Joe Mauer and Adam Wainwright in the LATE rounds, who else? Are there some Albert Pujols type prospects out there that have lit it up at A then AA?

From the Cubs there are Angel Guzman (starting pitcher) and Ryan Harvey (OF compared with Mark McGwire, has "light tower" power). Good luck!...Joe

Prince Fielder, 1b, Brewers

Rickie Weeks, 2b, Brewers

Tony Gwynn, OF, Brewers

As mentioned above, Angel Guzman is another good one. He will more than likely be at AAA this year and make his impact next year.

couple of good lookin red sox prospects including:

Kevin Youkilis a 3B, Hanley Ramirez a great potential SS with some maturity problems and Kelly Shoppach a future replacement for jason veritek