Basement waterproofing?

Anyone have this done recently? Or know a lot about it?

I have 94 feet of stone walls that will have pipes dug out infront of and the company is charging 13k. Does that seem right?


What mean 'pipes dug out infront of'?

They are excavating some pipes and you want a membrane on the basement walls?

Are they just putting in french drains. How far are they having to go to daylight it

Sorry I'm not very handy and probably explained it wrong.

They plan on digging a trench on the inside of my house and laying pipe to a sump pump

Ttt for the morning knowledge.

cost be 12g to install an outdoor sump pump and drainage tile around my house...I have a small house.

tikmovado - You could have them dig the sides of the home to the footing. Spray the walls and footing with a tar sealant, lay sand/rock then drain tile then back fill.

But not sure of price.

I have done this manually in the past month, for just one addition to a house, and it is a fucking EPIC amount of work. Like "back aching for weeks" work.

We didn't spray the tar, we sloped it on with mops/paint rollers/etc.


That's fine, just make sure you get a backup sump pump:

Something along those lines. If your power fails, and your sump pump stops working, you'll be bailing water furiously (found that out recently, too)

I dont know about the outside but for the inside there are coatings that resist hydrostatic pressure so it stops moisture from penetrating the concrete. Phone Post 3.0