Basic 8: Stand Up

i'll detail a basic inside stand-up for ya and then go into some minor modifications for mma.

the stand up starts from the referee's position. to start, the upper body explodes (you should actually be looking at the ceiling directly above you) toward the ceiling while your inside leg steps so that your foot is about in the center of where your hands were. your hands come off the mat (obviously), one hand gains wrist control on his arm that is around your waist, the other elbow stays tucked TIGHT to your side to keep his other arm outta there. finish by rotating your body toward the knee that is still on the mat, this will get the knee up. drive your hips forward to actually stand and create space between your bodies. peel his hands off and explode away for the escape.

this is obviously how it works in a perfect world against a practice dummy.

realisitcally, you may have to fight to clear your ankles, you may have to set it up with a knee slide, or a host of other things.


now lets modify this a bit for MMA.

obviously, you'll never be starting in the ref's position for mma. instead, you may give him your back and end up scrambling to your knees.

first, if you do give up your back, curl up into the fetal position to prevent him from getting the hooks in. maintain good wrist control to prevent the choke (wrist control also keeps you from getting punched).

now, you've got the fetal position and have made it to your knees. the primary factor that will determine your reaction here is: WRIST CONTROL.

if you have good control on at least one wrist and are putting him in a compromising position (i.e. you may get a kimura/bent-armlock), then you have time. you can keep working on that and execute the stand-up.

if you end up on your knees and don't have wrist control, you're in a great deal of trouble (especially if he is allowed to knee/kick your head while on the ground). you must explode immediately into a stand up and protect yourself both on the way up and once you have made it to your feet.

finally, when doing the stand-up for mma instead of wrestling, you have to get used to keeping your head down while doing it. this helps prevent the choke. KEEP THAT CHIN TUCKED!!!

no shame

glad it's useful. Chip, i agree, cancel the flas and use what works.

no shame

Good stuff, noshame!

Thanks for explaining how it's useful in MMA. If I may, I'd like to make a note of it's effectiveness in wrestling. The stand-up seems to have a bit of an image problem with some people, mostly with younger or less experienced wrestlers...

While coaching junior league and high school kids, I often hear them kind of bad-mouth the basic stand-up..."A stand-up is boring, I want to do a switch, or a granby, or a peterson, etc." Those are all good moves from the bottom, but dismissing a stand-up because it is "boring" is nonsense. The stand-up is by far the best escape from bottom. At the college level, I would estimate that 70% to 80% of all escapes come from a stand-up. I'd much rather hit a "boring" escape and get out, than go for an "exciting" escape but still stay stuck on bottom.

Against a guy that is good on top, the old tried-and-true stand-up is your best bet to get out!


standing up for me is pretty hard so what i do is sit in and when i sit in or out i reach for that head if i know i dont got his heaad i go for that wrist and into a granby or what works for me is a switch grab this inside of his leg it works real good.

use punctuation!!! i have no idea what you just said to us.