basic database design???

ok.. i have an excel spreadsheet that will include the following columns
Name | Program | Date | DailyActivity | ProgramActivity | Hours Billed

this excel spreadsheet will be completed weekly.. what i want to do is to put each weeks spreadsheet into an access database to track all of this for the year... what tables and relationships do you think would be needed to do this...

one way would be:

Persons table: holds the name and a Primary Key (ID # of some sort)

Activity table: holds the remaining columns as well as the ID # (Have a 1-to-Many relationship between the ID #'s of the tables). For the primary key in this table either have an autonumber field, or a combination of fields to make up the primary key (ID#, Date & Program)


thanks.. thats kind of the route i was thinking.. i wasnt too sure though.. i'll be messing with it later..