Basic Fitness in One Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I had an idea for how to express basic fitness in one image:

Before anyone chimes in that every MMA fighter can deadlift more than their body weight, I’ll say again this is to represent BASIC fitness, in other words what every adult (16-60?) should be able to achieve physically so they can live a healthy life, do meaningful work, and survive moderate danger.

For those wondering, this is:

  • Bodyweight deadlift
  • 1/2 bodyweight shoulder press
  • Standing long jump as far as you can spread your arms
  • Climb a wall you must jump to grasp
  • Running 1000x your height in 10 min is about a 9 min mile pace for men, 10 min pace for women

If anyone has ideas for advanced or elite fitness along the same lines, could be interesting to do a series of images.

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9 min. mile easy to do.

i think if you can do ten pullups, you can prob achieve most of these

i can still do about 15 pullups

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Seems like a good marker for basic fitness.

I’ll add *chokeslam an average sized woman into a river


Dan John’s premise,

Edit, misunderstood

I don’t think the average Joe can bench their own bodyweight or achieve 5 pull-ups. I guess a lot is dependent on how overweight they are.


I bet about 2% of people can do a 9 min mile, and that’s being generous… people would probably view this as something only athletes could achieve

Absolutely this.

After high school the vast majority of people stop doing organized athletics, so their ability to “run” evaporates very quickly.

the top kids in high school can easily run 4:30- 5:00 miles

in my hey day I was running a 5:30 - 5:50 mile

now probably 8 min. or a bit more

i don’t work out as much… but the power stays… I can still do a number of pullups/pushups
can still do a one armed pushup

and I frown upon lifting heavy metal objects at the gym

power is truly the last to go

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so if the top kids in HS can run a 4:20- 4:30 mile

then yeah a 30-40 year old guy moderately fit could run an 8-9 min. pretty easily

even the slow turds in HS were running 8 min. miles

Half body weight shoulder press? I would guess most people can’t do that.

fat big hero 6 GIF


That does seem a bit much.

is the OP the guy that choke slammed his wife?

He actually wasnt a bad poster

did you change your SN OP?

I can’t remember who that was but it’s one of my favourite posts. I don’t think it’s OP. Chokeslam dude wouldn’t post up vitruvian man diagrams.

if i recall he was actually a decent poster.

Came back after a self imposed break… got shit on a little but i think he got help for his drinking

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I’m not chokeslam dude, whoever he is.

For everyone pointing out that most people are overweight or lazy and can’t come close to these standards (I read once that only 20%-30% of Americans can do ONE push-up!) that is true, but these are all things people SHOULD be able to do with a minimum of working out and concern for themselves.

According to an average weight male with no training other than how to do the movement should be able to one rep shoulder press 40% of their bodyweight, while someone with 6 months of training should be able to do close to 60%, so I don’t think a half-weight press is too crazy, although it might be the hardest of the standards here.

Ok, it was @astra maybe he’ll share his training techniques with us. You’re right about him being a good poster.

weightlifting is way overdone in USA and probably why USA isn’t competitive in International Football Competition which requires more real world fitness capability like speed, stamina, agility, power instead of just brutishly lifting some heavy object for 3 to five reps and calling it “fitness”