Basic submissions?

Which submissions would you guys say are BASIC submissions that any blue belt should know both how to execute and defend against?

I've gotten conflicting opinions about this, so I'd like to know everyone's opinions on this.

Thanks in advance.

Damn, no one?

Well, let me share my opinion and perhaps others can critique it.

In my opinion, the absolute BASIC submissions that one should master are

1) Rear Naked Choke
2) Guillotine Choke
3) Triangle Choke
4) Straight Armbar (i.e. Juji-gatame)
5) Kimura
6) Americana
7) Knee bar
8) Achilles (Ankle) lock
9) Heel Hook

Does any one think that the list is too large? Too small? If so, which submissions would you add or delete from the list?

Hope that someone will chime in with their insights.

I think you pretty answered your own question. The list is just about what I think is basic submissions.

Side Choke should be added.

As should some gi chokes. Cross collar and Clock for a start.

I would say, collar choke from guard/mount, americana, jujigatame, guilotine, RNC, kimura, and triangle.

i think those would be the most extreme case of basic. arm triangles, ankle locks, kneebars would be just a step up.

my 2 cents


pretty much covered it

Chokes: Rear Naked Choke, Guillotine Choke, Triangle with legs, Triangle with Arms

Gi Chokes: Palm-up Palm-up collar choke, Palm-up Palm-down collar choke

Armlocks: Straight armbar, Americana, Kimura

Leglocks: Straight Ankle lock, Straight Kneebar, Heel Hook (and maybe an Achilles Tendon press or two)

I would delete the heel-hook from the list. Generally considered to dangerous for novices to use. Even if they're taught it, they are warned against using it, and they rarely if ever have it used on them either.


I respectfully disagree. YES, generally it is considered "too dangerous" for new students.

My experience has been that I teach it, even to new students, with a very clear discussion about consciencious use (and also being consciencious about tapping when caught IN one), and I have never had a problem. They learn to respect the heelhook, as well as gaining an awareness (in order to see it coming). I take the same approach to teaching neck cranks (which I teach FAR less frequently than other submissions, even compared to twisting leg locks).

While these are just my opinions, and I am certainly no expert, the Heel hook is on Roy Harris' technical requirements for the blue belt exam.


Oma Palata

Good call gaittec: oma plata should be in there too.