What can I expect?

basic what? their is four different types of military training if thats the question your wondering.

basic what? their is four different types of military training if thats the question your wondering.


Review the weeks at the bottom of the page, it will tell you everything.

Major Bob

I went through it 12 years ago and it was easy and fun. Today its better. You get plenty of sleep, plenty of food and lots of motivation. (more positive than negative)

The worst part was no sex.

What is basic like in the Navy?

"The worst part was no sex."

lol with all due respect to you guys wank it in there i mean do u have a quite place where u can be one with nature. I mean all that tension u got to release it somehow. again this is with all due respect

At Navy boot camp, the head had a row of 5-6 stalls, the first few were exposed to the rest of the head, the last one on the end was kinda in a corner. That was the beat stall. Then there were the guys who just handled their business in their rack at night with a monkey sock.

Navy boot camp in 94 was a joke, mostly mental stress, and looking back not really that bad. Most of the stress was little things they held over your head, like the thought that screwing up there could mess up your career(Your Permanent Record goes everywhere!), stuff like that. In 94 we had to double time everywhere if we weren't with the company(about platoon size). Now they don't run at all except during PT and certain evolutions. It's a lot more touchy feely(I just completed a 3 yr instructor tour there last year), the CO actually instituted a policy of no swearing around recruits. He actually had one petty officer put on report for swearing. Like I said, it's gotten pretty gay. One of the instructors when I first got there had a buddy on the Cole. After everything calmed down from that, he talked to the guy, and found out that though the majority of the crew did their job in exemplary fashion, there was a decent sized group of junior sailors who basically sat down and quit, because that wasn't part of their college fund plan.

It's hard to prepare for something like that, but I think if we pushed them a little harder in boot camp, things like that might not happen, or at least less people.

Gee, things have sure changed since I went through in
1956. Then your company commander could kick your butt
just for doing something stupid. I have no idea how
many laps I ran around the grinders in San Diego while
holding a Springfield over my head. One of my company
was found with dirty shorts during a junk on the bunk
and had to strew his clothing on the area behind the
barracks and then join the company when we fell in and
then spent time marching back and forth over his
stuff. Still being a dipshit when I reached the fleet
I had the privilege of scrubbing a ladder (that is a
long steep stairway to you land lubbers) with a
toothbrush. And I had to provide the toothbrush. I
guess they weren't very kind or gentle back then.



This is the new touchy feely,high tech not high touch, hug them when they cry, kiss their booboos, cut out the older guys before they reach retirement so you can spend twice as much training their replacements Navy.

I think I would have liked your Navy better. I would have gotten beat a few times, but I think it would have been a better place. A place where, *starts humming the Navy Hymn* a guy can congratulate his shipmate on making rank without fear of hazing charges; a place where a guy can tell a female her uniform is too tight and she needs to get new ones without fear of sexual harassment charges; a place where doing your job is more important than whatever underwater basketweaving college classes your taking to pad your eval; a place where, ahh screw it I'm starting to piss myself off.

*stops humming*

I thought the old navy was pretty good but even then
the old guys were saying "back in the old navy." I
think that you guys are doing a great job and I am
glad you are there guaranteeing our freedom.