Basics of Gracie Jiu Jitsu videos

I can buy two VHS training videos, "Basics of Gracie Jiu Jitsu", for $20. One includes "How to close the distance", "How to escape from the mounted position", and "How to pass the guard". The other has "How to escape from headlocks", "Finishing holds - armlocks and chokes", and "How to handle stand-up aggression". Seems like a pretty good deal, but I don't have anything to judge by. Who has seen these? Are they worthwhile for a complete beginner?

I have no (as in zero) BJJ experience beyond having watched a couple of classes at Marcelo Alonzo's place in Seattle. Does the fact that I don't have anyone to practice with (except my eleven-year-old son) change your answer? If I start going to BJJ class in Seattle next year, how much good will it have done me to have these tapes? Will it do me any good once I start at school? Thanks in advance for any advice.

(All advice is welcome, but I'm specifically trying to decide if $20 is a good price for these vids.)

No video tapes can replace a qualified instructor but to answer your question, the best gi tapes for basic instruction are the Gracie basics. I also like Pedro Carvalhos first 2/3 tapes as well.
Hope that helps.

Check out for reviews.

for $20 I would buy them...

While teaching classes, Royce would always say that you should do each move with so much control and technique that you should be able to perform the moves on a small child w/out hurting them. So to answer all of your questions...YES!!! The are the best you can get if you are a complete beginner. Seriously, you could even practice the moves on your son, just make sure you teach how to tap! :)

For 20, it's a good deal.

At $20, its a great deal.