Bas's new partner?

Just got done watching Pride a few hours ago, I had been pissed initially about getting rid of Quadros but then after remebering how improfessional and derogatory he could be about fighters sometimes I had mixed feelings, still felt he had good Bas chemistry. However, his replacement was growing on me, had a lot of personality even if he BSd a lot, but the new guy, seems like he just talks and talks purely synthetically almost like a computer with little good interaction with Bas, too stiff and trying to be professional, so lacks the feel. The guy doing interviews would even be better.

`BTW: Poor Mark Kerr, I hope he comes back, in better shape, and kicks butt.

BTW2: Mark Kerr didn't do that because of conditioning, knock himself out that is, but I just mean I think he really does need to step up his condition a bit, I know appearance isn't everything, but I don't think he has to have roids to be cut, just needs a good strength/conditioning/nutrition/etc coach.

I liked the new announcer. He was very professional.
Pride needs a professional announcer for Americans to
take them seriously.

Kerr KO'ed himself just like Lindland did at UFC 43.
That fight didn't answer any questions about him.

Pride should bring him back...and if they don't, the
UFC should snatch him up. Tons of people saw "The
Smashing Machine" on HBO. He's a marketing
opportunity waiting to be capitalized on.

Mark Kerr should go back to Bas's gym. Bas would get him in shape.