Bastos brothers victorious at No-Gi Worlds!

Congrats to our head coach, Bruno Bastos and his brother Ricardo Bastos.

This weekend they competed in the Masters Black Belt heavy (Rico) and super heavy (Bruno) divisions.

They both won gold in their divisions, and then close out the absolute black belt masters with gold awarded to Bruno and silver to Rico.

These guys have taken our school to the next level and are really showing the value of competition on the mats and in life.

If anyone is interested in seminars or has affiliation questions, feel free to email us at Phone Post

Sup Rhino! i am not sure if I met you at the Worlds but Rico and Bruno def killed it. Anyways Il def look for you at the next tourney my brother. Aloha and God bless, Ano!!!!

Has Bruno opened up a new school in the US?

Bruno is teaching in Texas at RhinoBJJ full-time. He is looking to expand his association and spend time traveling for more seminars etc.

His brother has been spending alot of time in the US as well and is an awesome teacher. Phone Post has updated profiles on Bruno and will have one on Ricardo as well. Phone Post