I'm attending this show rather than going to see Matt Vanda fight a 40 year old former bantamweight up at Hinckley.

I like the Gavin slapping brett rogers video!!!!

I was never the EFX MW Champ. That was Jesse Lennox. But I was the UCS MW Champ, of some kind.

I thought you fought Jesse Lennox?

I was very disappointed with Gavin's second slap.


There is gonna be some sweet fights friday

Tony Grygelko attempted to snag the emcee for Jami's show in Ashland tomorrow night to use at his show in Hinckley. He was refused. Score one for Jami Klair!


Hell yeah

ttt for the debut of Greg Lowe on the microphone tomorrow night!

Yeah ttt that (I guess?)

BBN, you've never even seen a real emcee til you've witnessed the glory that is Greg Lowe. Two words for you...Sargeant Stomp.

So what is the final card looking like for tommorow?


UCS Champs are better anyway!

UCS is nothing compared to MCS.

We're leaving for Ashland in two hours. Hope to see most of you there.


Where is this show, how much are the tickets, and what time does it start?


Call 651 214 3046 for info.........