Batgirl cancelled as lady gaga joins The Joker sequel

Random black chick loses her shot at playing batgirl as Warner bros goes all in on lady gaga for joker sequel. The retards are furious on Twitter.

Joker 2 will suck so god damn bad


Lady gaga can act. It’ll be artsy but a good film.


I hope the Joker won’t be so pathetic in the sequel. He’s supposed to be a criminal genius, albeit bonkers as fuck.

That Joker sucked.



He wasn’t the joker until the end of the movie. It was a descent into madness

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Saw her in one of the American horror story seasons, could’ve been her character but she was sexy in that one

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not sure how it being a musical will go over with a mass audience.

will have to be an almost completely different tone from the first film.


Lady Gaga is pretty sexy imo.

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she could probably pull off a decent harley quinn.

I don’t think I’ve seen anything with her in it, but she has the look & it being a musical is right in her wheel house.

Does Harley Quinn have a lazy eye and a huge beak?

If there’s a rape scene I hope it’s not tastefully done.

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She has some acting chops and fine, but let’s not pretend she isn’t a butterface. Her face reminds me of that girl we all went to school with.
Ya know she was poor, not very smart with a nice body and easy to fuck.

Your posts are a descent into madness.

I get he wasn’t the Joker until the end. I still thought he sucked.

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