Bathroom attendants

Why do they exist? Have you ever said "oh cool, a bathroom attendant!" No... not once... ever. Who chooses that job? What series of strange events have to transpire before you're filling out your I-9 form for the bathroom attendant gig at Craig's House of Veal & Gentleman's Club? As soon as I see them, I have that "fuck that, I'm not tipping a guy just for handing me a paper towel" look on my face. Which immediately provokes the "fuck this guy, he ain't tippin'... and I know he's gonna take a handful of mints on his way out too" look on his face. For the love of Christ, can we just outlaw the occupation altogether and save all of us the humiliation of this unholy bathroom encounter? End rant.

It's the fact that their superfluous that makes wealthy venues want to employ them. It's a way to show off by spending money completely unnecessarily.

Sounds to me like you're intimidated by them and haven't got the balls not to tip them. Phone Post 3.0

I agree with OP. When I go to the bathroom I don't want the added human interaction of a towel giver, and the awkward expectation of a tip. I'm not intimidated by the guy but I feel like the club has put me in an uncomfortable position. If they had attendants but banned the tip jars i'd be more inclined to accept it. PS no way I'm giving someone a dollar for handing me a towel. Phone Post

I'm with you 100%. Can't stand them and it's demeaning.

Identical twin bathroom attendants fucking with patrons Phone Post

You just don't want anyone to notice your poor hygiene.

BlueDream - You just don't want anyone to notice your poor hygiene.

This... Phone Post

I hate those fuckers.

”no thanks dude, I can shake it all by myself” Phone Post

I have one at home.  It's awesome.

Some clubs hire them to keep you from fucking their bathrooms up. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post

Made a thread about this a couple weeks ago. Can't stand the fuckers. Phone Post 3.0

I would hate that job. Every time someone walked in I would be thinking "Please dont have to shit, Please dont have to shit."

Yeah, I don't like the idea of bathroom attendants. I just ignore them unless I absolutely need a piece of gum or something. Phone Post 3.0

Junior Does Huntos -

My go to cologne was introduced to me via bathroom attendant.

Chanel platinum.

Go fuck  yourself.


That has always been my go to going back many years. No attendant assistance though.

You're probably the first I've heard mention it. Phone Post 3.0

Completely unnecessary and those assholes make it way too difficult to do blow in the shitter Phone Post 3.0

They are there to make sure you aren't doing coke, jacking off, or fucking in the bathroom Phone Post 3.0

I was in a high end strip club in Dallas a couple of months ago. Since I was drinking beer I was pissing a lot. I know I must have spent $30 in piss tips alone. You would think the club would not want an attendant there because it's an incentive not to drink. I don't think anyone likes to pay a minimum of $1 just to take a piss. Phone Post

Anyone been to Ditkas restaurant in Chicago? They had the funniest bathroom attendant ever! He was this old black guy. Someone was taking a shit that stank. He kept spraying this air freshner under the stall while the guy was in there while saying baby that sure do stank. The dude was yelling at him to stop. I was really drunk and couldn't stop laughing. Think I left him a $20 it was so funny. Phone Post