Bathtub installation, TME

I need to install/replace an alcove bathtub (left drain). THe one I am pulling out is cast iron. I have demo'd everything, pulled out all the tile and wallboard surrounding it, everything down to the studs, and the old tub is the only thing left sitting there. The existing tub is 30" and I want to replace it with a 32", either enameled steel or cast iron, anything that isnt plastic or fiberglas. So since the new tub will be 2 inches wider than the existing one, I expect I will need to move the drain over about 1 inch. There is an access panel inside a closet behind where the plumbing and drain will be. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

youtube. I bought my first house coming up on 2 years ago. I fix almost everything myself. youtube.

Good riddance to your back after luggin out a cast iron tub and you sound hell bent on double fooking yourself by installing a larger one. You better make sure that drain pipe lines up right. There is no easy way to do this unless you have access to the pipe work under the floor your installing the new tub in. If there was room for a 32 inch tub don't you think the previous owners would have installed one? Also, without pics no one on here is going to be able to help. I'll drink a beer in memory of your back muscles tonight. 

to get the tub out, use a sledge hammer. much easier to carry out in pieces. Cast iron breaks pretty easy with a sledge.

maybe take pics of the plumbing you find below the tub.

what is the room just below this?

you really want to put another tub back? Why not a nice tile shower stall with frameless glass?

Break the cast iron tub with a sledge hammer to remove .

Thanks all, I will do some pics soon. I am actually looking at an "Americast" tub that isnt cast iron but is supposedly better than porcelain over steel and is still not plastic. If it was up to me I would just do plastic.

I'm not sure, but I think this one had to have been a re-do of some kind. It was a skirted tub but they actually built a 2x4 frame around it and did plywood and tile so it looks like a drop in tub even though it was designed to have an exposed side. A 30 inch skirted tub with no tile surround is going to look real small in there.

I hear you are supposed to have a 33 inch deep alcove for a 32 inch tub and I have about 32 3/4. I figure if it's not enough I will add 1/4 drywall to the wall to bring it out a little farther.

I think moving the drain will not be too huge, if its a slip fit p trap I might be able to just turn it to make up the inch , or worst case, have a plumber re-do the drain with the needed offset. There is pretty good access from the other side of the wall, and it is over the kitchen, so I guess worst case it can be accessed from the drywall ceiling below.

Ive been watching a shitload of youtube videos, but looking for as much info and personal experiences as possible.

There are off-set drains, maybe 3/4"....possibly 1" at max.