Batista and Gsp to remake Kickboxer

?Batista has signed on for a role in the remake of "Kickboxer", the 1989 film featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The former WWE Champion will act alongside UFC icon Georges St. Pierre and Alain Moussi. Chinese actor Stephen Fung will direct, and the studio has plans to turn the reboot into a new franchise of fighting films. Phone Post 3.0

I fell in love with GSP because he was a real life van damme and now he's remaking kickboxer this is amazing

Plus he was pretty good in cap2 Phone Post 3.0

You can't blame these guys for going this route. Not that anyone will have the success the Rock has had but its a much safer path to money then the combat sports business. Phone Post 3.0

As soon as I realized GSP wasn't in the JCVD role I stopped caring. Phone Post 3.0

How could he not be in JCVD's role? Who is he gonna be? The cripple or Tong Po?

What do you mean he's not the jcvd role
Nak su kao! Phone Post 3.0

Some other guy is. Just said he's along with Batista in a supporting role.

Maybe GSP bleed like Maylee. Phone Post 3.0

Hollywood keeps on messing with my nostalgic memories remaking all these movies. Guess they ran out of new ideas. That being said.... i think its best batista is in background role.. have you seen his straight to video releases? I saw one where he was lead role and it was embarrassing.

Im glad they are making money to support their families. For awhile now, the best martial arts movies have been coming out of Thailand and Korea. Kickboxer remake: i'll wait for the dvd or comes on cable. Phone Post