Batman Arkham Asylum (demo)

Dont bother... the game is terrible. one button attacks are fucking boring, "detective mode" is necessary to complete situations, may as well walk around the whole level with it switched on... faaarrrr too easy to sneak up and get takedowns without anyone else knowing, i swear i did one in full sight of another guy and he didnt flinch. and fucking real time events!!!!! where u just have to keep tapping X to open a vent, whats the point?!?! like im not gonna be able to do it and batman will just give up

if you're a die hard batman fan you'll probably enjoy all the name drops etc, if you enjoy 3rd person action games you might feel yourself getting bored by the repetativeness and ease of this shit.

as i said, if you're just curious about it, dont bother.

real time events if thats what they are called are resident Evil 5, they had a number of these and i dont understand them...i mean, quickly tap X to turn the it supposed to immerse us into the gameplay more??

havent played batman demo but i heard from damn near everyone its great..

I also hate QTEs. However, apart from that I enjoyed the demo.

yea, felt pretty uninspired.

it could have been cool but the game holds your hand the entire time.


Judging from the demo, the game looks, feels, and sounds great.

Combat is a little too simplistic for my taste. If you're going to have one button for striking, I hope there will at least be different combos based on timing of button presses, a la Ninja Gaiden.

The game can seem like it's holding your hand by having the detective mode and making countering punches so easy. I'm going to avoid using detective mode as much as possible.

i'm mostly interested in playing out the story.

I thought the demo was fucking great!

Saw it on XPlay; it looks great but the detective mode looks about as interesting and Batman Lego for PS2... which my 5yo son is getting really good at!

I enjoyed, but I'm a big Batman fan. Agree with the detective mode being too easy, though.

played the demo, i liked it but it was too spelled out for ya...the fighting itself is too simple, hopefully your character gets stronger and more diverse attacks as the game goes on, anyone know for sure??

dunno if ill be buying this..looks like a good game but i dunno..

should be able to grapple without detective mode on imo