Batman Arkham Asylum

Any one try the demo yet? It's out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Pretty impressive, especially on the PC. It's the most accurate portrayal of Batman I've ever seen in a game.

I like it actually. cant wait for the game to come out.

Paul Dini had a hand in it, what do you expect?

Just had a couple of games on the demo and I thought it was fucking brilliant. I'll definitely be getting this when it comes out. The graphics are up there with the best I have seen on the 360.

Yeah, the game is tits. The combat is so smooth, you can transition from beating one guys ass to countering another in a flash. Really does a good job of making you feel like a bad ass. I havent played a console game I enjoyed this much in years.

I just downloaded and played it about half an hour ago. I am very surprised at how good it seems to be.

I liked how the Joker appears after you die, and says something different each time instead of the same thing over and over. A small touch, but still kind of cool.

Graphically, it looks really good.

I just hope it's not another game that's too fucking short, though. I'm sick of that shit.

sounds like it is a lot deeper than the demo led on

great fun. Jokers girl has some nice jigglies

9.3 from IGN, 9.0 from Gamespot, 9.0 from Gametrailers.

Not bad.

Beat it yesterday, fantastic game totally lives up to those scores.

I'm playing thru now, awesome game!

 Cant wait to try the full version of this game was really surprised how good the demo was

I really wasn't impressed by it...

I enjoyed it from start to finish. I liked the mix between 'beat the crap out of fifteen guys at once' combat and predatory stealth, which I thought captured the essence of Batman very well.