Batman cartoon spurs ethical question

First watch these two vids:

At the end of the cartoon, is Robin's characterization of the villain's crime fair?  Why or why not?

Batman: TAS is easily one of the most timelessly interesting and thought-provoking cartoons ever.

Annie was a seperate person, so yes.

I loved that show

no- she didn't exist as an individual, it was his own infatuation that lead to that statement.

ms, what would you say to the counter-argument that she exhibited independent decision-making and thought, thus making her a distinct individual?

I agree with Buddhadev

Much evil is purputrated on the idea of colectivism

Ofcourse MS I do see your point that Robin's pov was a result of an emotional response.

But that doesn't change the fact "Annie" had become a seperate person much like a child is seperate from their parent.

"Annie" had become a separate person much like a child is separate from their parent.

That's how I looked at it. But my initial reaction wouldn't have been to bring up Clayface on a murder charge. Hu? Makes me wanna think about this some more.

Great thread Bud. Thanks!

Thanks KK!


A rat can display distinctive and independant thinking, we still use them in medical studies and feel no remorse. She was far from being a human being.