Batman face spotted on ICEBERG

 Batman face spotted on ICEBERG that looks suspiciously like Bruce Wayne

    Jul 23, 2014 12:28
    By Simon Keegan

It looks like Mr Freeze has been up to his old tricks again just as DC Comics declare it's international Batman Day

 Mr Freeze: Batberg and Batman
Holy icebergs, Boy Wonder! Batman's face has appeared on a glacier.
The cowled face of Bruce Wayne appeared ominously on an iceberg just as DC Comics declared the cowled vigilante was to be celebrated with International Batman Day.
    The frozen apparition was photographed by Canadian Mike Parsons who posted it on the Facebook group Growing up in Newfoundland.</div>
In a bat-tastic coincidence, DC Comics are celebrating the 75th anniversary of Gotham's favourite son by marking today as Batman Day.
    As part of the festivities comic fans at participating retailers are being given a replica edition of the superhero's 1939 debut issue.</div>
DC Entertainment are providing retailers with collectibles including capes, masks and graphic novels.
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Aliums Phone Post 3.0

PHOTOSHOP!!! Look at the chin, you can tell someone just photoshopped a batman mask and armour on top of a picture of John Stamos.

Cool iceberg photo on the left tho.


DC comics should sue the shit out of that iceberg!



Holy iceberg batman! Phone Post 3.0

Praise Batman it's a miracle.

Phone Post 3.0

Proof that batman is real Phone Post 3.0