Batman graphic novels - recommendations?

I'm looking to get 1 or 2 Batman graphic novels on free comic book day this Saturday - any recommendations from this list or others?

Batman earth one

Batman gothic

Batman and son

Batman son of the demon

The resurrection of ra's al ghul

You should pick up the new issue of JLA vs. WFA

The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween, and Year One are all excellent.

btw WFA


I recommend the otherground, this is an mma forum Phone Post 3.0

Batman: Revenge of the WFA Phone Post 3.0

lol - I knew I was in for an onslaught for a Batman thread accidently posted on the UG

The Killing Joke

Long Halloween

Dark Victory

The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: Year One

Batman: Rise of the WFA Phone Post 3.0


Arkham Asylum
Mad Love

Joker Phone Post 3.0

I approve of this wrong forum asshole post. Phone Post 3.0

didn't know Kurt Pellegrino did graphic novels. He must do them under the pen name of WFA. Phone Post 3.0

Batman VS Predator was one of my All time Favorites! :) Phone Post 3.0

I recommend "Batman and the wrong forum a$$holes"!

The Dark Night is by far the best. I believe about 1987-88 type time frame? I remember buying 10 of them. WFA but the Dark Knight for sure. Phone Post 3.0