batman pimp slap

lol taht was great, crazy finish by nate too!

ttt for pic/gif plz


ok I made one with gif ninja, its my first gif so bear with me. what do you guys use for gifs mostly photoshop?

(btw it looked like a slap on tv but this kinda looks like a hlaf punch?)


thanks HKP

even tho it was of good show of toughness on Diaz's part to come back to win like that but...

... it always bugs me when a fight is just a onesided beatdown like that and the freakin guy comes back to win with some lucky shit like that


heddy how do you stretch the gifs?


If you are using html to embed the animated gif, you can add the properties of height="xxx" width="xxx" inside of the img src tag to alter its dimensions. If I remember right, anyway. I haven't used html in years.

Once you post the image, click on the image and arrows will appear. It will allow you to stretch it, make it narrow, etc.