Batman Returns

Watched this for the first time in probably 20-25 years. A few things.

-I forgot just how good the Burton/Keaton Batman movies were
-Michael Keaton is still the best Bruce Wayne/Batman
-Danny Devito was insanely good as the Penguin
-Michelle Pfeiffer was a straight up FN smoke show as Catwoman


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Lol, soup is the man.

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Was excellent. Had its own feel/style to it. Very Tim Burton. The best of the original batmans. I have the entire boxset including the val kilmer and george clooney batmans. the george clooney one isnt as bad as its made out to be. worth another watch as well. u get arnold as mr freeze, hot uma thurman as ivy, and see bane as hes meant to be.

Lol nope. Clooney was awful. Kilmer sucked but was still better. I really like the Keaton Batmans. I guess you like him being a little wimp as Batman so he fits into your retarded gay fantasy of being dominant. :rofl:

I was a fan of the original batman from the 60s and batman and robin is a throwback to those oldschool batman with the one liners and wa-pow type action sequences.

Just watched them recently myself. The two Burton flicks hold up IMO, & that Catwoman outfit, I don’t know how I missed it the first time around. Exactly the wrong age for it, I guess.

Anyway, it’s a real shame studio muckety mucks had hard-ons to replace that dude. A couple more Burton Batman & Peewee flicks would have easily returned on investment & extended those properties so much longer.


ID agree that its the weakest of the originals however and the keaton/burton batmans were superior to the schumaker additions. still completely watchable however and worth another chance when u watch them with a historical context in mind.

I love that movie. It’s just bonkers.
This is probably the last of the old school filming making Hollywood where directors instructions from the studio consisted mostly of ‘Dont hand in something bad okay,’

The Tim Burton movie was very Tim Burton? Excellent breakdown Roeper.

IT was an excellent representation of his style. Much more so than the original batman he did as well.

Lmao, huh? You’ve got to be in your 60’s.

And yes Michelle Pfifer was hot af as catwoman, blows halle berry out of the water.

I also like batman and robin visually and the style of the movie. most like the comic books imo and like i said, a throwback to the oldschool campy batman from the 60s.

Nobody with a brain agrees. Go sleep off the kratom, smh

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I love Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. Best Catwoman ever, followed by Lee Meriwether.