Batman The Animated Series is 20 Years Old

I feel old.

i love this series best batman anime ever

I think it was one of the best protrayal of Batman ever. Great writing too and Joker come off great in that one as well

Not only is it one of the best portrayals of batman ever, its one of the best comic book cartoons of all time. Its aged very well.

I think the Art Deco design they used helps it enormously. Since it won't look like a 90s relic.

Fantastic series. Mask of the Phantasm is still my favourite Batman film

This series and those it spawned (Superman, Batman Beyond, and JLI) are truely an area where DC kicked Marvel's ass in the 90's and early 2000's. Please don't paint me as a DC guy for this comment.

I feel old Phone Post

Old here.

Old as fuck here...still DVR every

damn i'm old