Battle of Blondes: Peak Britney Spears, Blake Lively, or Marisa Miller?

Blake is still in her prime.


Height of Marisa’s peak was unmatched.


I like the aire of superiority have over other women, try a threesome with a blonde and brunette and youll see what I mean. That arrogance is so hot, especially when they passively degrade the inferior lass

She has the best plastic surgeon, to be sure.

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Where did you learn how to talk? Its weird.

A country in which Queen’s English is spoken as opposed to American Plantation/pigeon English.

Also her peak lasted 20 years lol. No one else comes close to that.

Britney’s body, Marissa’s rack, Blake’s face

  1. Marisa while pregnant; 2. Blake with kids; 3. Britney while age 20.

that’s a rare bod. all the goods none of the bad. bodies like that have a small sweetspot. but godbless them.

I’m rolling Blake on this one!

Pregnancy was kinder to Blake than Marisa.