Battle of New Orleans Fight Card

     These are the fights between the breaks of the UFC#50 live pay per view matches on Friday, Oct, 22nd: Mike Gordon, the matchmaker, should have this completed by tomorrow, but if any of you want to compete please e-mail or call 504-888-6451.

Larry Spratley 185lbs vs. Brad ? w/ Rick Brumby

Tony Roberts vs. Jason ? w/ Rick Brumby

Keith Strickland 190lbs vs. Corey Johnson

Zane Marks 165lbs vs. ?

Ken Cavalier 210lbs vs. ?

Lamont Lindsey 135lbs vs. ?

Rondell Darden  170lbs vs.  John Henry



john dixson put me in touch with him


Tony Roberts just told me that his fight was off due to his opponent backing out. Whats the deal?

You guys got Scott lewis on the card. he has been training and is ready! Put hin on the card please.

you'll be waiting a while for results-its not til next week.

Melvin kicked ass Friday night in Atlanta, then I took him to Stone Mountain and made him run up and down it 5 times LOL