Battle Simulator - 100,000 characters on screen

...dang.........This is a demonstration video which shows 100,000 characters on screen in real time. Much work has been done, not only to make sure ridiculous battles run, but also function with fairly stable results. Before this video, battles with below 15FPS struggled to stay stable due to collisions errors with dropped frames. I've worked to ensure these errors don't happen, and to ensure stable results at low FPS. Once again, this video is only for demonstrational purposes, and battles this size are not recommended.

PC Specs:
GTX 980TI, i7 6700k, 16 gigs ram.

Needs archers

damn that was an epic faceoff lol

No proper formation. Just poking with the sword. I didnt see a single armoured dude on the ground.

Runs better than Rome 2 total war with 10k men on the field.

Archers and cavalry would add to that


By the looks of it all ya need is 1 armored dude and 49,999 romans.

Looks like the next trump/anti-trump rally.

Needs more cowbell

the guys at the back must be so bored.

Kind of crazy to think how msny died a Gettysburg after seeing that


At Cannae...the Romans had about 80,000 troops and allies....Hannibal had about 50,000 troops

Rome lost between 50,000-70,000 men

This is the same game as that has Chuck Norris vs the army right?