Battleborn or Overwatch

I only plan on wasting money and time on one game at a time. Which one of these two would be better.

Any chance either of them will go the destiny route and have an actual campaign, or does either now?

My only dip into the pvp world is destiny really (and destiny is in my top 5 games of all time), but I do enjoy quirky fps games like bioshock. Phone Post 3.0

Overwatch hands down.

Overwatch Phone Post 3.0

Overwatch is pretty cool but so is Doom. Phone Post 3.0

In. For answers Phone Post 3.0

What's Overwatch about? Phone Post 3.0

Is that a real question? Phone Post 3.0

Real Madrid ball boy -

Overwatch hands down.

Battleborn Phone Post 3.0

Does Overwatch have a PvE mode?

There's a lot about Battleborn I love, but it needs more PvE missions. It only has 8 story levels with two difficulties. Phone Post 3.0