BattleBots results

I actually like the flippers when they are GOOD! Most flippers suck. For instance, P1. He sucks. He just gets by having a really tough robot that can take the damage. Blip & Hydra are the class of the flipper category. They launch their opponent’s so high in the air that they start to break when landing. Plus, Jake Ewart is an arrogant prick, so I like him being the “villain” of BattleBots. It makes me root for him!

I’m with ya. She hasn’t reached what I consider the “meatbomb” threshold yet, but I do see the weight gain and if she doesn’t act on it, she’ll pass it soon. She’s got a really cute face, though, and their black voodoo suits help hide her figure so the weigh-gain is not as obvious.

I missed the semi-final match with Tantrum.

Best unintended sexual innuendo was the chick on their team gushing about getting the Nut


Looks like they’re ramping up to the new season. Instead of the “Giant Nut”, there’s now a “Golden Bolt” award… I’m watching reruns of last season on Discovery now…

Fight fight fight fight

Love me some battle bots

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Me and my 9 and 13 yo sons LOVE this show, can’t wait!

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bbc two attack GIF by BBC

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It’s so fun and such a great inspiration for kids to be ok with getting nerdy. We’ve got the rc battlebots made by hexbug and they are really fun.

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My DVR is ready.

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