Battlefield 2 question...

Ive been having a connection issue for the past week or so. I will be playing online when I get the "there is a problem with your connection" message. I have the latest patch, my ping when this happens is low (40s), and my internet connection is otherwise good. Anyone know what could be causing this and how I can fix it. Im not a big computer guy, my troubleshooting knowledge is limited to restarting my computer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Do you always play on the same server when this happens?

If not, it's probably your connection. It only takes a few seconds of no response and you get kicked. This happens to me.

Otherwise it sounds liek the server has probs.

BTW - get 2142 and join the OG clan!!!

Ya, thats your first problem. You are playing BF2 in stead of BF 2142.

There used to be several different things in BF2 that would cause connection errors. I had a lot of issues with my wireless network.

Do you have a firewall? Any other users on your home network?

^Much better answer than mine...LOL

I dont have a firewall and while there are other users when Im home, I only ever notice problems when they are downloading stuff. The few times that this problem has happened it has been on different servers and when other people in my house not using their computers(my two roomates have computers that are not currently working)

I take it BF 2142 doesnt have these issues? If i had known there was an OG clan for BF 2142 I might have gotten the game sooner, now I have my motivation to get it.

Thanks for the help!

"(my two roomates have computers that are not currently working"

You live in Gary Indiana too eh?

Don't think that BF2142 doesn't have problems does! This is EA/Dice afterall!!


LOL at Betafield...hadn't seen that! Very good!

Ahren - you too need to join us on 2142!!!

Check the forums at

You will find more answers there then on EA's site.

But mostly jusmp back in your time machine, move forward about 6mnths into the future, and get BF 2142.